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((This will be a somewhat of a long post, with a description of Asgard. First I will explain how Odin and Vidar joined the group)).

While the two were walking, a group of unknown men ambush them. Fighting quickly ensued the suprise attack. It was only five versus the two Aesir, so they thought they would have fun with them. Disarming them, they procede to beat them to a pulp. In their fun they failed to notice a sixth man throwing a gas gernade. A thick cloud envelopes the warriors.

Odin:Who threw that gernade?

Vidar:I thought we disarm....

The two fell to the ground, asleep. They are carried away.
(now onto description of Asgard)

Asgard, is a temperate world. It has a moderate to large size oceans. The oceans devide the world into 5 continents. To the north are majecstic mountains. Asgard is a mixed world, filled with mountains, and flat grazelands. Forest dominate the land. To the exterme north and south of the planet are covered like Earth, cold, harsh tundra.

The capital of Asgard is Valhalla. Odin's palac is located there. It is the largest city and is awe inspiring. Cobboled stoned roads. Designed in a basic circle, with the palace in the center. Cities of Asgard, think of something like Naboo style roads.

There is regular transportation, to basically anywhere you need to go. Now at the moment in time a war has been raging for centuries between the Aesir and Vanir. Meaning many cities are war torn, and not at their peak condition. Military bases and civilian spaceports can be found at any city. A truce has been anounced, so there is no fighting at the moment. Peace meeting are about to be held in a couple of days.

Does this do to for a description? (if you need more I'll post more).

Odin waking up. Groggle looks around. Sees nothing that should have been there. The mountains were gone, replaced by a city wall. The Aritcheture somehow very familar to him. (Odin and Vidar slept through everything, untill being awakened by Ken'atra's push.) Getting to his feet, Odin looked around, this was a different world, a very familar world. Finally seeing Rwos, against the wall.

Walking over to him: Rwos where are we, and what happened?

Meanwhile Vidar, had awakened against a tree. He had a terrible headache. After a moments search. Vidar finds the road, into the city. Staring him in the face a sign saying: Welcome to Vidi.

Vidar: Vidi, but that's on Asgard. This can't be, we were just on Muspelheim (the name the Aesir gave Renare). This can only mean that the time matrix was used, and we are on Asgard.

rushing to his father Vidar interrupts Odin's question just before Rwos can answer.

Vidar: Sorry father, but I know where we are. We're home, we have been teleported to Asgard. This doesn't bode very well with me. This wall encloses the city of Vidi, but I don't reconize it.

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