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Oh, I forgot. I guess that does kind of count as a cheat. I play with Qui-Gon on every level. I didnít think about it because there isnít really much difference in the Jedi levels, but it does mean that he has all the weapons. The quick easy way to kill Maul on the Desert level is with the ďhappyĒ code, but just to see if I could do it, I did it with regular weapons.

Qui-Gon can pick up more weapons than you mentioned, though. I canít remember them all offhand, but there are Flash greneades in Arena by the sand people and from the R2 unit, some by the ship in Mos Espa, and some near Watto's shop. In Mos Espa, he can get a blaster in Sebulbaís house, he can trade the dragon's tooth for one, there's one by the Jawas near Anakinís podracer, and one in Arena in the sandcrawler. He can also use a Jedi mind trick on the dealer right in front of the main entrance to the arena. This is where he gets the Thermal Detonator. I think I found a missle launcher somewhere also. Thatís at least 1000 baster shots, 20 grenades, a thermal detonator, and 5 missles, which are enough to get the job done. Itís tough though. You have to be fast, you can't miss, and you have to use the thermal detonator without destroying the hyperdrive or killing someone you're not supposed to [you can lead Maul away]. And in case you were wondering, no I havenít spent that much time on this. Iíve just had the game for almost a year without getting bored with it. I keep finding new ways to make it interesting. Youíve probably said it sometime, but out of curiosity, what did you do in making this game? I know you said you didnít deal with codes.
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