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So, here's a run down.

A New Hope (original-1977) 121 minutes
Empire Strikes Back (original-1980) 124 minutes
Return of the Jedi (original-1983) 123 minutes
A New Hope SE- 121 minutes
Empire Strikes Back SE- 124 minutes
Return of the Jedi SE- 133 minutes
The Phantom Menace- 131 minutes
Attack of the Clones- 132 minutes

I'm not throwing in those Ewok movies and the cartoons, because they truly aren't Star Wars. Now, you want every other frame. Most movies run at 30 FPS so I'll use that. Half of 30 is obviously 15. 15x60 is 1 minute, or, 900 frames. Adding it all up,

Razorace wants: 207,149,397,510,021,100,000,000,000 frames
Lunatic Jedi wants 135,746,987,550,105,600,000,000,000 frames

What a massive amount of Hard drive space. I can't beleive I actually added those up. My finger hurts.
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