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The fact that you are getting angry with words on a message board is amusing me. Maybe you should read your own thread. I gave you answers twice.

You actually think George Lucas will give a damn about some little whiner who is upset about a game based on his franchise!?

You need to be a tad more realistic.

1) There are plenty of fan mods to edit this.

2) Get a cable modem and stop complaining. Would you whinge if a DVD wouldn't play in your CD player!?

3) Use JediMod 1.1. Most servers are using it now. Sheesh
Your last post made minimal sense and it still looks like you are getting mixed up between a man and a multi national gaming company.


Maybe if you say George Lucas, it'll be easier for you.

Get a Life!? You're the one losing your patience with words on a screen.

A bit of advice. Use some punctuation. A period here. A comma there. Maybe some captial letters. It'll make you look less stupid and maybe your posts will make more sense as they are difficult to read in their current state.

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