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Originally posted by Th@_BoZkUrT
here you go DL now get lost and dont bother me or i will bother YOU!!!

Come on then. Bother me. I want to see you try. Should be good for a laugh

Originally posted by Th@_BoZkUrT
dont u have nothing else to do with your life? you little PC FREAK NERD or whatso ever
Ah, Poetic Irony. You can me a PC FREAK NERD yet you are here replying to my posts, just as I am to yours. Pot. Kettle. Black.

Originally posted by V-tecc

Just saying relax, everyone is complaining in these forums he is, you are, even I... I'm just saying that we should try to be more harmonical against each other.

He was trying to do something constructive and it felt like you kept trying to cut his hops off...

never mind, hope you didn't take it personal...
I know, mate. Have a check in your private messages.

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