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Age: 18

Location: Australia

Occupation: unemployed and loving it!! - Nah working and saving up for a year of backpacking which is looking like it might begin before the release of Knights! - Though yes, at this very second I am unemployed (and broke) as I just quit my job - But I shouldn't be for long

Hobbies: rugby, raving, clubbing, spending unhealthy amounts of time in pubs

Favourite Music: hard trance, new-school ("Nu Skool" if you want to be down with it) UK hardcore/happy-hardcore

Favourite Games: Trivial pursuit, Zelda - Ocarina of time (and I guess Majoras mask and Zelda 3 to lesser degrees), Super Mario, once upon a time counterstrike and action quake 2 (stopped playing them both a long time ago), HALO, Jedi Outcast

Most Awaited Games: Knights of the Old Republic

[Edit/ As this is 6 months old and out of date (and I'm really bored!), I thought it was time for an update! I kept a copy of the old one (weird like that) so if you want it (for some reason as obscure as me keeping it) just ask

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