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Name Change Rules, Yo.

Updated April 18, 2003:

Hopefully this will be a policy that the admins will agree on and that doesn't totally suck for new members. Since you can now buy a name change at the LucasForums Store, we no longer take name change requests in this forum, except for certain situations. Some of these include:
  • If you have registered in the past couple months and don't have very many posts, we will consider your name change request. This is especially true in the case of a typo or other error in the user name. We do this as an alternative to having to re-register (something we would prefer members not do).
  • Changes to the case (upper or lower), but where the spelling is the same. There's an issue with the Store script that does not allow changes to the case if there are no other spelling changes (it considers it the same name and yells at you).
  • If we are in an especially good mood (read: not likely).
Check back here for updates to the rules as more unique situations arise.

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