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You will find that things will go more your way after you pry that baseball bat out from your rectum, my friend. If you decided to email LEC with your gireviences about the game you'd most likely responses like:

Internet lag affects all games, not just LEC games. It sucks, but hey its the Internet. The people with better pings will have better gaming experiences than the higher pingers.

They didnt make the lightsabers look just like in the movies because a) they're entitled to some artistic license when making the game & b) the lightsaber look has changed from movie to movie. If you want there are plenty of blade mods that make them look more like the movie ones. I personally use the thicksaber mod & like it.

You cant choose saber hilts simply because it wasn't build into the game. People have made hilt mods & whatnot so you can change your saber hilts. Read a few readmes to get it done. But since it's not part of LEC's game they wont support any saber hilt problems you might have.

It's not like the game is like this to personally anger you. Calm down & enjoy the game.

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