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hi, my names FunClown and I'm an alcoholic ...No wait...wrong forum hehe.

I am a student from Australia, finished high school in 2000, presently at college. Thinking of going to uni next year or getting a job.

I'm 19 and a few weeks

Race: Anglo Saxon
Hobbies- Nothing (don't know how I pass the time, honestly???)
Fav music - Nothing
Fav Games - Trivial pursuit , Scrabble, solitaire
Job: Family Business
Favourite TV shows: Simpsons, StarGate SG1, Frasier.
Dislikes: When those shows aren't on.
Likes: Anything that makes me laugh that I should be laughing at
Interests: Spermology(collecting Trivia :P), computer games

I'm generally a good guy who's easy to get along with unless you have a big ego or are trying to sell something over the phone then I'm not interested.

I think that just about covers me.

PS: I'm not allowed to attend Japanese schools because of my colour. Apparently they find my racial background offensive and I want the world to know that.

No, I am no relation to Krusty.
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