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I don't know if it's cheating or not. I can tell ya it's dangerous cause when you bind more than one thing to a key, control of the game is locked until it finishes executing all the commands. One mistake could mean your swinging at nothing crouching/jumping while your oponent sits behind you and hacks you to pieces.

I can answer your question though because I'm a veteran of scripting for Quake 3.

1. create a new text document.

2. Open your text document and type:

bind <keyname> "command 1; wait; command 2; wait; command n"

3. save your text file and give it a unique name.

4. Rename your text file to a .cfg file extension.

5. Place the file in your gamedata\base folder

6. During the game, open the console and type "exec ConfigName"

That's it. I wouldn't recommend trying to script saber moves though. It can be done sure, but the time it takes to execute the commands in a bind varies depending on the latency of the server. An advanced saberist will cut you to peices in the time it takes you to execute a move on certain servers.

NOTE: I'm sure some will see this post as teaching others how to cheat, but there really are some useful things you can do with scripting without binding keys to execute special moves. I myself use scripts to toggle crouching/standing, running/walking, and even a script for demo recording. I'm still trying to figure out how to bind force push to a single key, man that would really help against Dark Siders.
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