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Re: For GREAT saber duels (THE IDEAL SETTINGS)

Originally posted by Smood
Firstly I would like to say that in MY opinion these settings, offer the best, and most realistic saber fights in terms of skill, and length of fight.

//(increased damage for movie like 1 strike kills! If it is a quick hit, it will not be a 1 shot kill, the setting is decent at 2 and 4 makes almost all hits a kill, forces players to duel cautiously, not just running and swinging)

seta g_saberdamagescale 3

//(parries, correct blocking, still someone what frequent blocks but they make SENSE)
seta g_saberghoul2collision 0

Don't you mean g_saberghoul2collision 1 over 0? I'm guessing you made a typo...
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