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Why didn't Raven...

... make multiplayer saber/force battles like singleplayer ones?

I think it's an extremely legitimate question; one I'm surprised hasn't been brought up.

Single player battles just feel incredibly better than multiplayer ones; it's hard to describe. It seems to be a combination of the animations, the blocking, and the overall speed, but I'm not quite sure. In any case it's just so much smoother and more Jedi like, in my opinion.

It's very strategic, trying to get an angled swing in or knock away their saber and then dive in for a quick kill. It makes light stance very useful -- that was actually my preferred stance in all of single player (except for Desann and a few Shadowtroopers) -- without displacing the other stances.

The force powers, too, seem better in singleplayer, in ways that are hard to describe. Especially push/pull; they're very useful to get quick hits in on Reborns. Saberthrow is also so much better.

Even the movement is better. Rolling isn't nearly as easy, nor as effective, and other things feel better, although again in hard-to-describe ways.

So -- why? Can someone explain, please? Why couldn't multiplayer be like singleplayer?

Perhaps if Raven releases some source code, we could make a mod for this? I'd certainly be willing to, if no one else would.

Just wondering, and thanks for your time...

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