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First of all SP Force Speed on MP isn't feasible...

Saber battles look quite nice though, but Lunges and DFAs can turn, while RAVEN purposely decided in 1.03 they shouldn't do that in MP.

MP saber battle seems very "sticky" with all the specials; they make you seem frozen post-move while in SP, the moves are all very fluid and transitions between animations of the move to recovery are seamless.

SP Blocking is too high in my opinion... for the enemies. But for Kyle, a saber throw can penetrate where it couldn't in MP.

Saber throw in SP is Sorta annoying. Sometimes it floats in front of your hand, denying defense while being insanely close. And you lose it too! It doesn't go through walls, yet it can burn etch marks and break through equipment like boxes/reactors.

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