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Well for a squad of em, I push em down when I'm in the killing move. Or when I'm in a light sided mood, I just pull their weapons from their hands and watch em all throw up their hands (although some go for their weapons again, in which case I have to kill them).

But my favorite power to use on single enemies, by far is grip. I love picking up people with grip then pushing em into the air. Heh, against Tavion and such, I've killed her by throwing her into the air and she falls to her death. Some Dark Jedi...

Mind trick level 5 is also fun. I like spawning reborns, taking control of them, then fighting Jedis I spawn. Heh, what's even more fun is spawning Desann and 5 Jedis, then mind trick Desann, controlling him, then waxing all the Jedis.

Ah.. SP is still fun..
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