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Yea but all of the specials can be blocked, so spaming them isnt as effective as in multiplayer.

IMHO Single player was by far the closest jedi simulation I have, or maybe will ever see. Take a look at it in very slow motion (Timescale .5), with everyblock the sabers almost instantly repell eachother. When you use an overpowering stance your oponant always feels it when they blocking (By having their saber slamed out of the way) or through contact (With the warm luvin from a saber).

The ablity to slam sabers out of the air (Or even out of other peoples hands!) also gives it an amazing feel and would make those throw whores think twice.

Force seems very nice in Single player, although this would underpower guns and make jedi vs merc an impossibilty but who cares .

Sure speed would need to change, but I would be undoubtably amazed if they made multiplayer player just like single player. If it didnt become the best game ever I would loose all hope in humanity.

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