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I'm specced to force others to either saber fight, or to have them run.

push- to counter push and projectiles
pull- to counter pull and to remove any enemy weapons (also a trick to lower the enemy's guard, if you know the trick)
absorb- To counter enemy offensive force powers

All in all, if you come up to me, you had better be good with a saber. I'll push your rockets back, I'll pull all your weapons out of your hand, and don't bother trying to lightning...just pull out your saber or run.

I'm taking back what Raven took away from the saberists...what they took away is what the game was supposed to be. The saberists lost their game, and the gunners took over......but I'm changing a small way? yes, but it's a change in the right direction.

Long live the saberists!

Current in-game name is #include
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