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Originally posted by boba fett c3po

every time some one tries to drain me while i have aborb on they give me force instead of draining it
Actually Drain and Absorb negate each other; Absorber doesn't lose or gain force (only from current Absorb usage) and Drainer gains no HP.

Really false, too. You cannot use Absorb and Protect at the same time. One or the other, not both. Yet you state it like it's fact, and one can infer from your statement that you've either done it, or seen it.
I stand corrected, maybe in 1.03 it was possible :X

As an Absorber you are forced to fight, and hopefully kill the enemy while it's effect is still active. I think this is a true test of skill; "kill the enemy in 27 seconds or die to lighting!"

I agree it's the all important power, but it makes the Dark jedi fight with their saber and not depend on their lightning/grip whoring to win.

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This would be really funny if it weren't happening to me.
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