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Originally posted by TheWhiteRaider
You guys may want a new hero, but it may kill Jedi Knight.
Any time someone tries to replace some thing that is at the core they almost always kill it. You mainly take out the heart and *poof* the game is dead. Same goes with tv take a look at these shows that got kill.

The X-files went down hill when they took Molder out.

A show named Sliders that was on Sci-Fi was killed after the main person (Quin) was gone.

The Pretender was gone when that messed with Jerod's personality.

So a spin off would be a better way. Because if the people that liked Kyle stop buying the game and all of them were about 47% that is about $7,546,897 dollar gone for Lucas arts!
I think it worked for MGS2 (Raiden), it's still in the top 3 in gamefaqs
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