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I realize you wish to debate the quality of JED vs. JKEdit. does not contain significant information on JKEdit, so it is only of use to those using JED.

JKEdit's site, is exclusively devoted to JKEdit.

I assume you have used both programs, but this person has not (yet).

Rather than try to scare people away from an editor they might find more useful to their purpose.. why not let them try BOTH and judge for themselves? Isn't that the logical thing to do?

See the other topic you responded to, for my rant on why JKEdit is superior overall. ; )


Again, just because there haven't been "as many high quality" levels relased for the one editor, doesn't mean the editor itself isn't as good, it just means that with time levels will get better. The first levels released for JED weren't very good, but JED has been out for a longer time, and thus has had time to build a reputation.

Give (and let others give) JKEdit a chance before you attack it...


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