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I would just like to add, that if you plan on running a semi-dedicated server as Kurgan has described, it would be a good idea to use Kicker Helper AND Anti-Hack Patch 3.5(latest version). Contrary to popular belief, the NEW versions of Anti-Hack Patch DO NOT lag your games. The old versions DID. The new version can be used with 4 players easily with no extra lag. It uses Patch Commander, so it's just like running a patch. If you're interested in running Anti-Hack Patch, you must realize that it doesn't stop ALL hacks, but it does stop the majority. The problem is, everyone has to have it. If you're interested, below is a link to the patch. I lost the ETI Clans homepage, but I will get it asap, so you guys can read the FAQ, which newer players will find interesting:

Also, I just posted news about 2 new semi-dedicated servers on my clans forum. One is in the UK(uses cable) and the other is in Louisville Kentucky(DSL). They are semi-dedicated, which means that they're only dedicated at certain times of the day. How much lag you have can be caused by many things, one of which is how close to the server you are. I would recommend trying them both and seing which one suits your lag better. For more information on these servers, check out the following link that I posted on my clans forum:


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