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MY jedi character

Name: Jedi Iniate Tuho-Alne
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Homeworld: The Underworlds Of Courscant.
Age: 21-22
Appearance: Wears the clothes that Anakin Skywalker did in episode 2,only red and blue instead of plain ol' brown, has dark black eyes with no expersions what so ever,Dirty blonde hair without a braid.
Bio: Tuho loves too go too Bars and taps and grills, but his Favorite thing too do is race on his newly built speeder bike (Think of Maul's) agansit some of his old friends.Tuho alne was raised in the Jedi Temple, was taught the ways of the force by jedi knight Eeth Koth, and Tuho alne and his Master went on many missions saving the galaxy, soon Tuho's training was over and Eeth Koth turned into a Jedi Council member. They still go on Missions together saving the galaxy, but Tuho Alne spends most of his time exploring the world and drinking.
Speeder Bike: Looks like mauls only is red
Weapons:BlasTech DL-44 Heavy Pistol (han Solo's gun) and a Orange Bladed Saber
Hilt: Is a golden lightsaber hilt with mysterious gems and stones placed inside holes in the saber.
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