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I think the only reason Kyle is considered old is because of the Marvel-stylee grey band of hair they gave him for MotS. You can still kinda see it in JK2, but they've toned it down (probably with some George Lucas style Computer Generated Just for Men tm). There's little enough _real_ characterisation in computer games as it is -- I say keep Kyle, and spin an interesting yarn about Jan out to show his loving side. The guy is _just_ beginning to get some depth - don't cut that off now! Embelish it a little. All he _really_ needs are some DECENT DAMNED LINES that don't make him sound like a stereotypical computer game hero. If LucasArts want someone to script JK3 properly (ie without all the "Hmmmm... a _code_.... what the...?" crap), they only have to ask...

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