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How to access your advanced settings:

In order to enable the advanced menu, you will have to run JK from the command line. Click Start, then Run then the following:

C:\Program Files\Lucasarts\Jedi Knight\jk.exe -displayconfig

This is assuming that JK is installed in the default directory. If not, you will have to type in your directory structure. For example, if JK was installed in C:\Jedi, you would type: C:\Jedi\jk.exe -displayconfig. Remember, Windows/DOS is not case sensitive, so C:\JeDi is the same as C:\JEDI and c:\jedi.

Once you have started JK, just go to the display menu once again, and towards the bottom, there will be an "Advanced Options" button. Once you go in there, there are all kinds of options, but the only one that will help you is the box that allows you to choose which 3d card you use. Primary Display Driver will be your main 2d card, or your main 2d/3d card, whichever you have. Under that, if you have a separate 3d accelerator, you will see it listed. Just click on it, press OK, and JK will use that one from now on (unless you go back and uncheck then recheck the 3d box - if that's the case, you will have to reset the display as outlined above). The advanced options tab will only show up if you start JK with the -displayconfig switch.

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