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New Map: CTF_DAGOBAH come see

Hey everyone, as was posted a few days ago on the front page, i've been working on a map titled ctf_dagobah, go take a gander at the screenies if you havent seen it yet. Well has yet to post it (OR the ctf map i sent them before that named ctf_pipes), but outcast maps has hosted it and you can check it out over at:
Download and it and give it a whirl before you vote on it, the screenshots don't do it justice, we've played a couple games on it and it's actually quite fun (the best is pushing someone into the water, and then pushing/pulling them when they try to get out until they drown lol). Give it a try though, i'm sick of people looking at and giving it a 5 without even trying it, (or having other mappers who hate everything except their own work rank it as a 1), somehow the first 6 votes on my map happened to have an average of that's why it's ranked so low.
Anyways give it a shot, it's a cool map. and check out Pipe Dreams, and Star Destroyer Hangar K-4 if you'd like to see some of my other work. Thanks!
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