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Originally posted by thehomicidalegg
lol i just read in one post complaining lightside is too weak, and here its absorb is WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY too powerful, hehe the irony of it
This would be my first post outside of multiplayer strategies...

It is funny isn't it? I mean, darkside's uber while lightside isn't worth the effort... and lightside's uber while darkside isn't worth the effort...

For every power and move there's a counter. If you can't figure out what the counter is, don't whine about it, either quit the game, play on a server that has whatever you think is cheap disabled, or go become a contender for the Darwin Awards!

As for the people who whine about lightning and grip whoring... When I use lightning or grip on someone in the beginning of the battle and they INSTANTLY whine about whoring, it annoys the piss out of me because I tend to use EVERYTHING... Not just lightning... It's like someone can be branded as a whore for whatever it is that they started the fight with, even if they tend to use multiple methods of killing...

I've been known to use even the pistol to kill someone... it's devestatingly accurate, especially with the secondary fire on...

The only thing that would make Absorb too powerful is if you could use Protect at the same time... Good thing you can't Absorb AND Protect... That would just be too damned powerful!

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