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Absorb is my force power of choice, and I run around with it on all the time. This is what I do when I spawn, in order: Turn on absorb, switch to my saber, and run like hell. This is in ffa matches.

I run around with absorb on because it really iritates the piss out of me when I round a corner and immediately get pulled+backstabbed. I didn't even see that coming, and it bugs me. Same with the grippers, grabbing me and throwing me over a ledge before I even know they are there. So, I use absorb constantly. And usually, if I find people to fight before it runs out, I never run out of force. Because people will spam me with pull, or lightning, repeatedly. Even though I have that blue glow on, someone will empty their force bar trying to pull+backstab me.

Just like the person who will stand 20 feet in front of me, trying to kill me with a disrupter. After 5 or 6 shots of not hitting me they still stand there and fire. Never realizing or caring that I have force sight on, and standing there firing back with the bryar. Those are the best kills in the game. The people who repeatedly do the same thing, even though you, him, your uncle and his landlords brother all know that it isn't working. Yet they still do it, even when you're slaughtering them.
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