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I know each time I use the mouse and hit it my view goes all funky...

Here's what LucasArts' Support page says:

How to Configure the Microsoft Intellipoint Mouse

If you have a Microsoft Intellipoint mouse (the one with the wheel), you may need to open up the Mouse Control Panel so that the Intellipoint Mouse icon appears in the system tray (next to the clock on the taskbar) before playing Mysteries of the Sith to make sure that the wheel functions as a 3rd mouse button and axis in the game.

To change the mouse settings do this:

1. In the game press the <Esc> key on the keyboard
2. Click on Setup
3. Click on Controls
4. Click on Mouse
5. Double-click on what option you want to change
6. Select the action
7. Click on OK and return to the game

I hope this helps... Now if I could only get my pointer to appear in MotS...

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