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Question Diamond Viper II

I have a Diamond Viper II card (32mb ram) and I can only get 8bpp color in the game no matter what resolution I set. The game will only let me choose 8bpp for all resolutions. I had an old Intel i740 card with 8mb ram and it let me choose 32mb (if I remember correctly) Anyways i was wondering if any of you have any suggestions. I have already reinstalled both JK/MotS several times, and also reinstalled directX 7. I am about to install beta drivers from Diamond that fully support DirectX 7 (or so they say) but since it is a beta I am going to use that as a last resort. I am too lazy and don't have time to try this and that driver, BUT if it is the ONLY solution then I will do it as I would REALLY like to continue playing JK/MotS with the best possible graphics (is why I bought the **** card in the first place(It works great for Q3)). Thank you for any input.
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