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Re: e-diot

Originally posted by Nosun
V-tec who cares about u being the nš 2 in an ultra ladder for the best, who cares if u were nš 2 in the world?Does that make u feel better?Cmon get a life! Btw humblety is a gift.
I care about the fact that being highly ranked shows that he knows what he's talking about. Normally all we see is players that can't play worth a damn suggesting game changes.

Also having a high rank does make one feel better. If you had ever played any sport your would be familiar with "if someone is keeping score than you must try to win"

What's this "C'mon get a life" comment? You are trippin out because he is a good player, to me that makes you a bitter loser. Try Pac-Man, sounds more your speed.

BTW champ the word is "Humility" not "Humblety"

Originally posted by Nosun

I do think kick is overpowered now.
Everybody is abusing of the kick now.
Btw if a sabre cut takes about 50 hp from a guy a kick should take no more then 10 hp.
The kick should work more like push then has an atack
Thats my opinion.
Btw v-tec u don't need to reply cuz i wont even read it.
If u are smart then shut up, that's what u should have don before.

The kick is not overpowered, it is simply the next in line to get the attention of you whiners. First the DFA then the Backstab and now the kick. You whiners are just working your way down the power ladder in hopes of making everything weak. The kick has had the same strength since 1.02 but it was never a problem until now.

Originally posted by Nosun
If u are smart then shut up, that's what u should have don before.

ooh you better watch it V-Tecc, looks like you angered this big man. (I figure anyone God made this intellectually challenged must be a big guy, after all making him small and feable would just be too cruel)

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