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Originally posted by MeddlingMonk
FT is too big? I can't even imagine what that means.

Anyway, LEC still selling DF, JK, et al. and it never stopped them from bundling them as well.
yes, and somewhere in this crazy world, they are still selling maniac mansion. i'm not saying they won't put FT in free with FT2 (okay, i was, but i guess now it's not that big) but i think more probably, after FT2 has been out for a while, they will put them both in a multipack together for a slightly higher price (or if my local Game store has anythin to do with it, a lower price. i remember they sold Simon the soucerer for 8, Simon the...2 for 10 and both of them for 20, which was kind of stupid)

but i still don't think they'd put FT out for free download, not unless LEC did it themselves first.

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