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In real life there are moments when you donít want to make noise while walking, and some time you donít care all you want to do is move. The point of not making a ďlow noiseĒ in JK(I think) is the fact that you have Force seen anyway; so, walking is actully useless in JK. insted of hear you they can see you.

Thatís the goal of my main comment, either it has an awesome story to tell (StarCraft) or an awesome way of tell a story (Half-Life) or just gameplay JK that to me was a little bit disappointed since the StarWars universe has a little bit more to offer than any other licence on earth, well at least thatís what I thought. Jk was fun, more that Q2 or Q1 but still, I can compare StarCraft and Half-life a and both are really really good SP experiences. NO MATTER THE type of game. You feel a great satisfaction at the end, in both games, thatís makes those games almost equal. Mostly in Quality.

In fewer words... this is the way I see it:

You can make a movie with StarCraft,
HL is like an interactive movie,
JK is an excellent Multiplayer game.

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