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Well I just finished the game for the forth time. Once for each difficulty. On master jedi level this what I did. It bears similarities to many of the posts here.

Basically, at start run to the center cone and stand on top with your saber (I use blue fast style for best blocking). He won't be able to reach you there but will circle and shoot at you (you can rest and recharge if you need to this way).

Now back down the cone. Move around the cone when he moves so that the cone is always between you and him.
You will be able to see some of his shield on each side of the cone.

Pull out your Imperial Heavy repeater (#6) and shoot his shield with secondary fire (the Electro-Mag Pulse gun also works (#7)
on 1st or 2nd fire). After about 5-7 shots his shield usually goes down.

Now whip out your imperial E11-blaster (#3) and hit force speed.
Run around behind him and blast the red antennae with secondary fire. If you hit it a couple times it destroys his shield generator and he won't be able to bring them back up.
He also acts like he's being shocked and will fall to the ground.

If your quick you may be able to get a couple saber licks in before he gets up.
Otherwise, just go back to the center cone with your saber out to block his fire and when your force energy regenerates hit speed and run around behind him and whack him with your light saber.
Keep doing this until he goes down for good.

Three additional tips:

1. Even after he has no shield always keep the cone between you and him. When he loses his shield he starts shooting some blue laser like lightning at you and it does some pretty good damage but will not penetrate the cone. He also sweeps it back and forth so you can't dodge it. So just stand behind something (like the center cone) to block it.

2. Whatever shield and health you have after killing him is all you'll have on the way out of the ship when the gravity goes.
Which it does a few seconds after you kill him.
Don't forget that you can still force heal while your floating around and there is a shield generator you can stop at around the right corner at the top of one of the elevator shafts (if you didn't already use it. It may be enough to get you out.
If you have little or no shield you will have a hard time getting out because of several electrical shorts/arcs you need to go through.
You might want to replay him and try and do better.

3. As soon as you kill him RUN for the out door! The closer you get the less distance you have to travel in zero gravity which kicks in a couple seconds after he dies!.
If you are close enough you may miss one or two of the fire blasts at the very beginning.

On this difficulty it is useless to take to the rafters and the big support poles hide too much of him causing you to risk exposure trying to get his shields down. The cone works best for me. You always know where he is at and going.

Oh yeah . . . Don't be afraid to save occasionally if your doing good. If you screw up you can start from there instead of the beginning.

I notice that some people have a hard time with him and some don't.

For me I have the hardest time with Tavion (did I spell that right).
She's way tougher for me than Desann or Fyaar.
I think your personal style must have a lot to do with it.
(I mean your attack/defend style not blue yellow red saber style)
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