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Hmm.. about a year ago, I seriously thought about releasing a "new" patch for MotS/JK that would have a larger HUD and larger text font so that people with higher res's wouldn't have that kind of eyestrain.. however, I realized there was no feasible way to edit the text (at the time at least).

That was of course before that Utility was released that let you edit the actual fonts (the updated FontMaster?). I forgot if somebody released the thing I was thinking of doing, but anyway, the only other solution is to get yourself a bigger monitor or lower the res. Yeah, it's too bad they don't have scalable text as a feature in the game.

It would be easy to do now, just double the sizes of the BM's used for the HUD and use a double-sized font for the text, and make sure you line them up properly, zip it up with a readme and you're set.

As for me, I try to sit a bit away from the screen when I play or at least take breaks (10 minutes every hour or so is a good break). Back when I had a 15in monitor I could sit up close and play with no problem, now with a 20in, doing that gives me a headache in short order. ; p


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