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Yeah, if you read MERC_Tiberius's page, he gives all sorts of information about what are cheats and what aren't, so people can get a better idea of what to expect.

Ascii characters used to be a big deal, and it's too bad the JK devs didn't see that one coming, but that's the first thing that Kicker Helper corrected. I remember not "believing" when I heard you could run this program to "rename" people in game!
; )

The way to recognize a cheater, is first you suspect something is up, so you ping them. Let's say they aren't lagging bad (ie: their ping is normal, under 500).. then you check their name. 99.9% of the time, if a person had ascii or long spaces and such in their name, they were planning to cheat. Some of 'em even had the audacity to say "I have cheats, but I wasn't going to use them!" (yeah right, they always whip 'em out when they start to lose, doh!).

Most of the cheats I ran into in the past ('98-'99) were pretty obvious: people flying around, shooting their guns as if they had powerboosts in levels that didn't have them, being unable to target the person EVER, being teleported or "fade/deleted", or being blasted with multiple destructions, or a guy simply spawning with all the weapons (doh!).

A few cheats were pretty bad too because they filled the level with 3do's (lag!) and changed textures in the level all to the same texture (ugly!). Or the ones that screw up your viewport so you spin around uncontrollably (in your hud) and get stuck in a wall.

Thankfully, 99% of those cheats were stopped by Kicker Helper.. what a boon to the community. I wish Tiberius was still around so I could thank him again. ; )

Then instead of a cheater pissing me off and ruining my game, I get to have a blast tormenting him by foiling all of his attempts to cheat and laughing. <eg>

But, yeah, I pity the folks who have never heard of KH...


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