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*Hammerhead walks into a bar. The local drunk rises*

Drunk: I don't know what you heard, half-breed mongrel

*Humphrey begins to turn red, and begins to sweat. The patrons begin to cower*

...but you're kind ain't welcome in MY drinking hole

Come sir. You're a rascist.

Drunk: And you are rude scum. You're not even a person, you're a monster.

Bartender: Come now, that's a bit much. Have a coffee, Hammerhead's the only reason those beer kegs get off the cart into here.

Drunk: How can you defend something with ogre blood?

*The Drunk draws a crossbow. The patrons duck under the table. Hammerhead grabs the crossbow and snaps it*

I think you'll find I'm no monster...

Drunk: I'll be back! I'm goin' for the constable!
*Drunk leaves*

Bartender: Don't you listen to them, after you got them bandits outta here, you'll always have a home here.

But I'll never be considered more than a monster..
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