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Patches are the same as cheats. They both use cogs but the cheat ones have been specifically made to get past checksum. That means that other players don't have to have it
No, not necessarily. A "patch" in JK/MotS terms refers to a Gob/Goo file. The early "patches" were not really patches, but hacks. Some of them got past the checksum, others did not.

Most games use the term "patch" to refer to a program or set of files released by the developers to fix bugs or shortcomings in the game as released. Sometimes patches of this sort also add new features or levels.

In the Jedi Knight Community however, when somebody says "patch" 9 times out of 10 they are not referring to the above, since JK has only one "patch" of this type, 1.01, a small one at that, which fixes a couple of minor bugs in JK only.

Patches of the generic "mod" sort can include all kinds of things, such as skinpacks (which normally do not include cog files). And just because a patch uses cogs, does not mean it passes the checksum.

99% of all non-cheat patches do not pass the checksum. 100% of all cheats DO. Most of the exceptions to the non-cheat rule were some of the first mods ever created for the game (then termed "hacks" for the game but not in the sense that they were meant to be cheats, later on the community tended to use the term "hack" simply to mean the USE of a cheat in multiplayer).

A "cheat" is intended to give specific a player an advantage over other players or grant them a shortcut to something they would normally have to earn in the game. That is why cheating is not allowed, because it ruins the balance of online play.

And a cheat does not require the use of COG to be effective either.

Yes, all MP cheats, by definition have to pass the checksum in order to work. If a cheat doesn't let you gain over other players, then it's not really a "cheat" (logically).

And no, I would not compare files that are deliberately designed to humiliate other players, crash games, and ruin the balance of a game in favor of one person the same as patches that improve gameplay, add variety and introduce MODS that change gameplay in a positive manner for all participants.

Most "patches" do not work at all unless all players have them installed. Cheats, on the other hand are designed with the impression that only the user has them, thus they are meant to be unfair.

Could a cheat be considered a "type of patch"? I suppose, but I wouldn't use the term, nor would I consider them identical.

And of course, there is a huge difference between somebody using a patch, and somebody abusing a patch in order to gain an unfair advantage in a multiplayer game.


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