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MOTS Skin Packets

Is the Art of the Lightsaber finished?
Does anyone know? How do you pick the character in a multiplayer game when you're in it? It says to pick person and I don't know how. I think there should be more in the packet. The skins are great, but there should be more. Not the funny ones, but good nice serious ones. Maybe some more technology like grappling hooks and other stuff. There aren't enough good patches for MOTS. The best one for Jedi Knight is the Mandalor patch with all kinds of neat technology. Exp:] grappling hook, helmet sensors, advanced helmet sensors, jetpack.] There should be added force powers that are good and realistic. All of this in one patch. I like that the makers of the Art of the Lightsaber are thinking about the idea of each skin having different things or traits. Maybe later, like picking force powers on the colomns, we will pick added powers and have another page of items that you can pick such as grappling hook or whatever. Or maybe even fighting style. I don't have that ability yet, but maybe a group effort will prevail. I'm just suggesting. I also wanted to know about some patches that can go with the Art of the Lightsaber patch. Maybe they could make a patch page specifically for updating or making small modifications to the Art of the Lightsaber page.

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