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Originally posted by Kieron
i just wondered what he meant about it 'doing more damage' (or is that just his way of saying it'd be better? ).

i also wondered what he meant in the second paragraph,

is he just saying that lucasarts are cheap?
Yes - to bikers, "doing more damage" means "doing better".

As far as the second paragraph, that seems to be just his opinion. LEC re-uses many voice actors, including Mark "Luke Skywalker" Hamill (who voiced multiple roles in FT, btw). Most of the time, this is done either out of sheer need (Padme, being post-pubecent in Episode 1 didn't change much, but Anakin needed to age rapidly so he could turn his crush on her into love, ergo the actor who played Anakin in Episode I couldn't be re-cast) and goodness knows John Williams has a contract written in blood tucked away in George's top desk drawer.

No, I think Keith's point is valid as far as "live bands". (Sorry, Mr. Land - not saying you or the others are dead. LOL) With the time lapse between Throttles and LEC/Lucasfilm/etc always looking for fresh talent, the odds of a new "up and coming" band or current well-known artists (like Hollywood does for movie soundtracks) getting signed are pretty high.

All in all, LEC is a business and Gone Jackals/Blueblack Records is a business. Each party is familiar with the Entertainment industry and his answer to my question was grounded on his point of view as an artist/businessman.

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