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Get this fact straight, people... There is NO such thing as "Abandonware".

Just because Chevy no longer makes or sells the '67 doesn't mean you can go steal one.

Just because William Shakespeare doesn't write books anymore doesn't mean you can plagerise his works or lift one of his books from the bookstore.

No matter where you live, you can find a copy for sale on ebay, Amazon, LucasArts, etc. If you live where they don't ship, guess what... This means you will actually have to talk to a live person. Find out where it is sold and request a special order from your local computer store. They can either find it through one of their suppliers or order it from the site you found it on. Either way, it will cost you the small fee for the game, some shipping and handling, maybe some tax and/or special order charge, but the games CAN be obtained.

For future refernce, warez chat of any kind will not be tolerated in this forum. End of story and the topic is LOCKED.

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