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((lol Admiral

btw, I think Deac had a different golden sword in mind ))

*In an empty apartment in Coruscant's middle levels, below the hubbub above, one of the last Jedi was curled into a ball in a corner. Everything was packed, but she couldn't get herself to leave. Everyone she ever knew was dead. Everyone. For all Misae knew, she was the very last Jedi. And that wasn't something she wanted to deal with. Her teal lightsaber seemed to glare at her, mocking her...

She picked it up and walked to the window. She held it out...

But before she could drop it, a blue light lit up the street. An oval shaped window...some sort of portal...opened in the middle of the alley. Two figures stepped through. One looked like a teenage girl. The other...was a species she had never seen before. It looked like a teenage boy, except his skin was dark blue, and he had wings, a tail, and reptilian feet.

The girl seemed to suck the portal into a black device in her hand. She handed it to her companion. Their conversation drifted up to Misae's window.

Girl: So what'd we get?

Boy: Our files, a couple gadgets that looked interesting, and a whole load of other files from their master computer. Not bad at all.

Girl: Nice. How bout the morphing cube?

Boy: No...they must have moved it. it wasn't in the stash.

Girl: Oh well. I don't need it anyway. Woulda been nice to have you shapeshifting too tho.

Boy: Hey - I think we're being watched.

Girl: We are?

*Misae hurridly ducked out of sight.*

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