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Quote the Raven

Quote the Raven (game description)
the game starts with a quote from
a movie, film, tv show, book, etc
*try to keep it pop culture if possible*
and the points go as such:

1 point for title (book movie etc)
1 point for who said it (character)
1 point for author (creator etc)
1 point for actor (if movie or tv)
<so 3 or 4 point depending on quote.>

example quote:
"what a wonderful smell you've discovered."

STAR WARS episode 4 = 1 point
Han Solo = 1 point
Harrison Ford = 1 point
George Lucas = 1 point
for a subtotal of 4 points

now quote must be guessed in 3 goes,
not three goes per person, 3 posts;
and if not then answer is given by
person who posted it.

*special bonus points*
if you guess in 1 try = 2 bonus points
in 2 tries = 1 bonus points
in 3 tries = 0 points extra.
AND if no one guesses correctly
10 points for the quotes originator*

I will begin: Quote

"I know your destiny,
you will ask a question,
and die before you hear the answer."

Beware the lollipop of mediocrity, lick once and you suck forever
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