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Hey BeastMaster, that gives me an idea. Why don't we have a bash at coming up with a possible storyline for Jedi Knight 2 ourselves? I've knocked together one possible scenario. Here goes...

Kyle has become a Jedi master with his own apprentices. He is asked to go on a peace-keeper mission by the New Republic, but the whole thing is a trap and he is captured by Imperials who have an Ysalimiri. He is drugged and taken to a secret research facility where they implant a mind-control mechanism. The imperials use Kyle under mind control to assassinate key figures of the New Republic, and everyone thinks he has turned to the Dark Side. He ‘attracts’ Dark Jedi apprentices. Available Light Jedi are despatched to stop the rogues at any costs – which means killing them of course – including Kyle.

Meanwhile, Jan Ors keeps faith with her old comrade, and knows deep in her heart that Kyle can’t have turned to the Dark Side. She sets out on a quest to discover what has happened to Kyle, and she starts poking her nose around in the seedier dens of the universe to try and find some clues to where Kyle is and what was done to him.

She has to steal/buy a suitable ship (maybe an old YT-3000 Corellian freighter?) because the Moldy Crow was destroyed, and go undercover as a smuggler/pirate/ undesirable.

She has managed to convince one of Kyle’s Jedi apprentices to help her, and together they must try to get to Kyle before the other Jedi. They meet some of these other Jedi along the way, and try to convince them of Kyle’s innocence. They also meet some of the Dark Jedi apprentices, with whom the Lightside apprentice must do battle.

Jan has managed to capture an Imperial Scout Droid and she has given it a mind-wipe so that it is now working for her. She sends it ahead to mark out dangerous territory when she is on a mission.

Jan does NOT have anything to do with the force – but the Jedi apprentice does. She has to rely on conventional weapons – ‘a good blaster at her side’ – to take down her enemies. The Jedi apprentice mostly uses his/her lightsabre.

Variations on a theme – the apprentice could be the main character, and seeks out Jan Ors to help him/her.
I'll put my brain on the back-burner and try to cook up some more scenarios. I just hope I don't end up with a boiled brain

Just a thought

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