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Actually, the last time I dabbled at major editing was to try a MotS TC that replaced Mara Jade with a character of my own creation; Alyssa Rahn.

Before Qu Rahn was killed (in the JK cutscene) he was hunted down by Maw, Sariss and Yun. Rahn knew that Jerec (and his ilk) would be after him, so he hid his infant daughter (her mother died in battle shortly after Alyssa was born) before being captured.

Alyssa grew up on the streets of _____ (I never named the planet), making a living as a pickpocket and courier.

Eventually, Rahn appears to Kyle in a dream-vision and tells him of Alyssa. She has now reached the age (19 standard years) where her Force abilities will begin manifesting, and it is time for Kyle to begin her training. . .

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