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Question I need some help with MotS editing

Ok here I go....1.Can I make the cross hair a diff color or shap? If so how do I do this? 2.This one is about a saber I know that the saber I made can not be see in the game in MP just by me....but what if I used one of the palette things form MotS and just used the colors form it then would thay see it?? 3.This is about making a skin about a day ago I saw a cool skin the skin looks like a rock guy really neat looken but it was for JK not how can I make one with a rock texture well one form the game? and if I can, can the ppl in the game see it as a rock guy?? I would think so...but I never know. Oh and if you know if I can get it some were please give me the site. One more thing for now I'm thinking of making a saber pack I have just about 3 now, if you have a idea for one let me know.
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