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Question Are there any BOTS for Jedi Knight?

I've done a bit of searching, but I can't find any reference to BOTS. Does Jedi Knight, or one of the numerous mods, support bots? If so, how do I get hold of them?

If there is no BOT support, is there anyone out there trying to figure out a way to implement it? I know JK is showing it's age, but I still play it all the way through as a single player game. I hardly ever play online (the telephone bills are too costly in the UK - for me at any rate). I think a deathmatch against intelligent BOTS would suit me quite well.

If it's not viable now, perhaps if LEC ever do decide to make Dark Forces III they'll include it then.

Having played Unreal Tournament, I am pretty impressed with the level of intelligence exhibited by those BOTS. If only all enemies in all FPS games were as cunning, devious, quick, and sadistic

Just a thought

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