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Well I've done it about 4 times.

I think 3 of them were on the map Carbon chamber.

Usually my opponent is in front of me, I'm running up the stairs.

I swing or jump + swing and then he does the move.

It will be obvious when he does it, like the other special moves. I don't think I've ever hit anyone with it though so I don't have any idea how much damamge it does.

Sorry thats all the detail I can give.

I wish the search option wasn't disabled.

Yea its standard jk2 MP.

Ive done it in 1.02 and 1.04.

I don't have anyone to practice it on the computer doesn't want to help me.

I'd like a raven guy to comment.


Its medium stance BTW, guess that would be kind of important

It might be on other stances as well but I only use medium so I wouln't know.

I aslo just treid to replicate it playing against the comp and I did it 1 time out of 11 games. it seems to be almost random, but I doubt it is, none of the other moves are.

This time my opponent was in front(but im not sure if he was exactly in front) of me I only swung, I didn't jump (im pretty sure) and I was moving up the stairs at him. It all happened so fast.

He jumped up and did a double handed horizontal swing.

Just bait the comp up the stairs then roll off, to try it.

I guess I'll try after work and get a demo if I can send it to you some how.

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