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((Redwing, that is why I didn't put a name there and didn't describe the sword. , just a man who could be anyone, in case he did mean something else. I believe a small crime wave is occuring.))

Before names could be exchanged, the thug's partners had regain consciousness and charged Heimdall. Seeing this in the corner of his eye Heimdall whips his sword around and removes the head of creature. Deciding not to leave an enemy at his back, Heimdall stabs the first thug in the throat.

Heimdall: Well that does that for the thugs. [looking around and sees that the man had run off] Why that ungrateful. Well I better get out of here, last thing I need is for the guards to detain me.

Resuming his original course. As he passes one of the many air shafts, Heimdall faintly hears the name Starkiller.

Heimdall talking to himself: I thought Starkiller perished with the others. THis is disturbing.

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