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Hey sorry about the long reply, I've been out and about. Anyway I need some help upgrading weapons and building levels, can u guys help me?

The weapons I need to upgrade are; I need help knowing where to get them I'll list the items I already have for them)[*/name of item, * equals number I have]

Squall; Punishment: 0/Chef's Kinfe, 2/Star Fragments, 1/Turtle Shell, 8/Screws
Zell; Gauntlet: 1/Dragon Skin, 0/Fury Fragments
Quistis; Red Scorpion; 0/Ochu Tentalces, 2/Dragon Skins
Selphie; Cresecent Wish: 1/Inferno Fang, 0/Life Rings, 4/Sharp Spikes

Where the heck are star fragments?
How the hell do you get to Esthar?

Thanx in Advance

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