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Luckily for you I have completed Final Fantasy VIII many times. Here is how to get all the final weapons.

Weapond Monthly 1st
Esthar, on floor of Lunatic Pandora Laboratory (Disk 3)
Or Magazine Shop

Weapons Monthly August
Trabia Garden near statue (Disc 2)
Or Magazine Shop

Adamantine -

Defeat (do not steal) from an adamantoise (found on beach west of dollet called hasberry plains).

Dragon Fangs -

Defeat (do not steal) from a blue dragon (found in snowy area near trabia garden).

Pulse Ammo -

Use GF Ability Ammo on 2 x Energy Crystals (defeat an elnoyle from Esthar City) or one power generator(bloody hard too find).

Get Star Fragments from Iron Giants found in the secret underwater labratory and one or two in Esthar, you really need to be further on in the game to advance more.

I am lazy so cant be bothered to help any more, but go to Final Fantasy Worlds Apart for good help, although some is wrong.

Keep playing, some of the FMV's later on are wicked.

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