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((OOS: Death won't be able to post till Friday.

BTW how did the Aesir find where Ken'atra was? Why did he say he knew where Ken'atra was going? If Ken'atra knew where he was going, he would simply use the Time Matrix to get there. Pulling us along, of course, but he doesn't know that yet))

Rwos: Odin, explain to me what I do not understand. What I understand is that your people would be mass murderers; they want to destroy the galaxy if you die. You're a mortal, which means that you will die, regardless of how slowly you now age. And when you do, your people are poised to destroy everything that exists?

What have I missed?

And while you're at it, explain Deac's "role in Ragnorak".

((Rwos doesn't know anything about Ragnorak except that the avatars weren't supposed to be released again until that time.))

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